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Made exclusively from Croatina grapes (locally referred to as Bonarda) from the Mazzolino Estate’s vineyards. This wine carries the name of the Estate to highlight its strong link with the most important native grape variety in the Oltrepò Pavese area, grown here since the dawn of time.
The grapes are hand-picked in small crates when they are fully ripe.

The destemmed bunches are crushed and fermentation begins with selected yeasts at a controlled temperature of 26-28°C, with regular mechanical punching down to maximize color extraction.
At the end of this process the wine is ready for malolactic fermentation, followed by cold stabilization the following spring before bottling. It is left to mature for a further 4 months in bottle before release.

It has a strong ruby-red color with bright purplish highlights. On the nose it is stylish and candid with overtones of small red fruits, blackberries and ripe cherries. On the palate straightaway it has goodly tannins typical of the variety, which add structure and complexity, leaving a good almond aftertaste. Best drunk at a temperature of 18-20°C after opening the bottle a few minutes before. Ideal for mid-term aging up to 3-4 years.
It goes well with local Lombard cuisine: cured meats, meat-filled ravioli, risotto, roast red meat and boiled meat.

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